Passion. I don’t think you can begin any type of recommendation for BT Irwin without using the word…followed quickly with the strength of communication that he has. BT has been able to navigate through the work of the community while building relationships and partnerships along the way. He not only believes that impossible things can happen, he inspires others to believe it as well. You would not be able to leave BT with anything less than a feeling of hope that you can get things done.

Rene Palileo, Ford Motor Company Fund

BT is a relationship builder for the good of the community. He looks for collaborative opportunities to engage corporate partners to become involved in making a real difference…in the very community we live, work and play in. His communication skills allow him to work easily with any group or organization. It is a pleasurable experience to work with BT.

Johnna Struck, President, Changing Places Moving


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