There are individuals who like social change. There are others who contribute to it. And then you have those who live it – day in, day out. BT is one of such people. More than just a community leader and advocate for sustainable social change, BT has been gifted with the ability to envision a better future for the communities he serves, and with the foresight on how to turn such vision into reality. Impeccable in his ability to relate and connect with others, superbly intelligent in his approach to life, BT inspires action in nearly anyone with whom I have been fortunate to have seen him interact. It is a privilege to have engaged with him on a multitude of occasions, and we are all better off because he is around. I look forward to continuing to join forces with him in the betterment of the world in which we live.

Jeff Jorge, Executive Partner, Global Growth Accelorator

BT’s passion and commitment make it easy for me to recommend him for any one who is looking for guidance on how to best engage in the not for profit world.

Doug Maibach, Executive Vice President, Barton Malow