BT has a passion for what he does and it shows through his work. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him…and understanding why his role is so important. His dedication for helping people and growing communities is inspiring. He has been a tremendous asset for the Auburn Hills Community.

Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development, City of Auburn Hills

I worked with BT Irwin for nearly two years in a unique for-profit/non-profit partnership. I knew that I was working with someone extraordinary from the first day that I sat in BT’s office with an out-of-the-box partnership proposal. He immediately latched onto the idea with passion, and became and an incredible enabler for our shared cause. BT poured his heart and soul into the partnership, ensuring that both of our organizations were successful. What never ceases to impress me is how BT’s work combines a keen business sense with genuine compassion for others. Looking for a strong leader for your socially-conscious enterprise? I highly recommend BT Irwin.

Mariel Borgman, former community initiatives director, Arden Companies


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