I’ve had the opportunity to work some exceptional individuals. BT Irwin is one of those individuals–and frankly is at the top of the list. We worked together for over two years while trying to establish a Habitat for Humanity home build in our community. BT shared with us a vision of community as habitat. The result is our ongoing My Habitat Clarkston initiative, which is a pilot program affiliated with Habitat for Humanity Oakland County. An excellent leader, public speaker, organizer and dream builder, BT is a catalyst that can bring together a wide variety of talent, time, resources, interest and passion and create something incredible. If you have a chance to work with BT Irwin, I highly recommend you seize the opportunity!

Penny Shanks, Executive Director, Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce

BT’s passion and commitment make it easy for me to recommend him for any one who is looking for guidance on how to best engage in the not for profit world.

Doug Maibach, Executive Vice President, Barton Malow