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We know our stuff and we love to share it with audiences who want to learn how to make a greater impact in their part of the world. Let us share it with you. More…


Volunteer services

You focus on your business and we’ll focus on your volunteers. We plan the events then mobilize, organize, support, and track your volunteers. More…

Corporate citizenship program design

Starting a corporate citizenship initiative or program? We design and build it to make it a sustainable force for good. More…


Corporate-nonprofit matchmaking

We find the best cause organizations to be your community partners. Then we design and launch partnerships that get results for both. More…

25-Point Corporate Citizenship Program Inspection & Report

We’ll analyze 25 metrics of your corporate citizenship program. You’ll get a report that includes a plan to “do good better.” More…


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Here in Detroit–the city that invented and perfected mass production–it’s no surprise that companies approach volunteering the same way. Companies in this town do things big. They have to do things big. Last year, Detroit automakers put almost 21 million new cars on the road worldwide. The Big Three alone–Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford and General Motors–employ over half a…

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My friend, Amanda Uhle, shared this punch-in-the-gut story from the Boston Globe. Corporate and nonprofit leaders alike need to read it. I’m going to share a story with you now that I’ve never shared before on a public forum. The identities are changed to protect the guilty and innocent. “Anna” was a friend of mine who…

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Are we doing CSR right? Are CEOs trying to make CSR do something it was never intended to do in the first place? If CSR fails to “make the job bigger than the job,” should companies continue to invest in CSR?

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Starting a business is not a good gig for those who are perfectionists or who prefer to work alone. When you set out to succeed for your clients and your community, you must first make friends with failure and master the art of making mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I made over my first…

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This is the time of year when many companies prepare for what I call the “community engagement season”–the months when employees go into the community to give and volunteer. The most intense months of the season run from April to October. A few common difficulties companies face when planning community service: Finding good nonprofit partners…

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If you’re just finding out about this for the first time, I’m crowdfunding an eight-month executive leadership program in social impact at the University of Pennsylvania. Read more about the crowdfunding campaign here and here. Find a direct link to the crowdfunding page here. Today is the last day, so if you like what you…

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BT is a passionate and dedicated community advocate that is extremely organized and results-driven. I had the great opportunity to collaborate with him on multiple projects focused on community development and his creativity and vision never ceased to amaze me. His efforts, even just his positive and compassionate demeanor, are great examples to aspire to

I worked with BT Irwin for nearly two years in a unique for-profit/non-profit partnership. I knew that I was working with someone extraordinary from the first day that I sat in BT’s office with an out-of-the-box partnership proposal. He immediately latched onto the idea with passion, and became and an incredible enabler for our shared cause. BT poured his heart and soul into the partnership, ensuring that both of our organizations were successful. What never ceases to impress me is how BT’s work combines a keen business sense with genuine compassion for others. Looking for a strong leader for your socially-conscious enterprise? I highly recommend BT Irwin.

A thought leader with an innate ability to harness energy toward accomplishing meaningful goals for the benefit of humanity– that is what BT should note in the summary on his resume. Know him, befriend him, partner with him– you will cherish his unique presence.

BT…came highly recommended by other professionals that I respect. I consider BT a great resource with a can-do mentality and the ability to execute multiple projects on-time. In his current role he is a great asset to Metro Detroit.


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