A thought leader with an innate ability to harness energy toward accomplishing meaningful goals for the benefit of humanity– that is what BT should note in the summary on his resume. Know him, befriend him, partner with him– you will cherish his unique presence.

Paul Talbot, MB Financial Bank

I have had the pleasure of knowing BT Irwin for several years and can say without hesitation that he is one of most inspiring and effective leaders in Southeast Michigan. His visionary take on community building is equaled only by the practical connections he makes between private and public entities—connections that create forward momentum for his organization. BT serves the public and private good in the most admirable way: by leading not because he wants to be a leader, but because his complete dedication motivates others to follow his lead . . . and achieve success.

Cory Hamilton Joyrich, Senior Development Director, Ann Arbor Hands On Museum