Your company is a good corporate citizen. You aspire to give and volunteer to support worthy causes and communities. How do you make your corporate citizenship program dollar-effective and simple to manage? How do you make it easy, fun and a pleasure for your customers and employees? More important: How do you know you’re making a real difference to your business and the community?

You and your people, plus our expertise, services and tools, will help your company do good better.

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Event planning

Your event could be as small as a one-time volunteer project for a few executives. Or you could want a company-wide giving and volunteering campaign that spans several months. No matter the size, we do it all for you from start to finish.


Whether you’re starting a corporate citizenship program from scratch or looking to take one to the next level, we ask the right questions, do the right research, and make the right plan for your company to achieve amazing results.

Volunteer services

We make it easy and fun for your people to volunteer at custom projects for groups or individuals. We do it all for you: From project selection and set-up to volunteer sign-up. From on-site support to post-project report.


Your team may need Corporate Citizenship 101 or advanced training. You can benefit from our depth of knowledge and years of experience. We make it fun. We make it interactive. We make it useful. We make it for your team.

Nonprofit matchmaking

We use our background and network in the nonprofit sector to find and vet the perfect nonprofit partners to match your business and corporate citizenship goals. Nonprofit partnerships that accomplish amazing things start here.

BT on call

Do you ever just need to ask a question or to seek some quick feedback on a corporate citizenship idea or opportunity? You can schedule a Google Hangout or phone consultation with BT via Clarity. Book your call now.

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BT…came highly recommended by other professionals that I respect. I consider BT a great resource with a can-do mentality and the ability to execute multiple projects on-time. In his current role he is a great asset to Metro Detroit.

I have had the pleasure of knowing BT Irwin for several years and can say without hesitation that he is one of most inspiring and effective leaders in Southeast Michigan. His visionary take on community building is equaled only by the practical connections he makes between private and public entities—connections that create forward momentum for his organization. BT serves the public and private good in the most admirable way: by leading not because he wants to be a leader, but because his complete dedication motivates others to follow his lead . . . and achieve success.

BT…is a gifted public speaker and very effective trainer, with a deep commitment to community development. And smart, smart, smart.

BT has been featured as a national expert in training sessions arranged by Habitat for Humanity International. We conducted an in-depth 60+ minute podcast interview with BT about his brilliantly-designed partnership guide, which serves as a model for Habitat for Humanity affiliates [working with companies]. For our 2011 national conference, BT served on the planning team for the fundraising workshop track and received rave reviews as a panelist in a workshop on “First Things First & Priority Setting: Preparing for Long-Term Fundraising Success.” In July 2011, BT was the featured expert in a large-audience training conference call.

BT Irwin is a training superstar. He is engaging, provocative, warm, funny, and inspirational. I love his use of storytelling, truth-telling, and memorable phrases.

BT is a relationship builder for the good of the community. He looks for collaborative opportunities to engage corporate partners to become involved in making a real difference…in the very community we live, work and play in. His communication skills allow him to work easily with any group or organization. It is a pleasurable experience to work with BT.


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