Your company is a good corporate citizen. You aspire to give and volunteer to support worthy causes and communities. How do you make your corporate citizenship program dollar-effective and simple to manage? How do you make it easy, fun and a pleasure for your customers and employees? More important: How do you know you’re making a real difference to your business and the community?

You and your people, plus our expertise, services and tools, will help your company do good better.

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Event planning

Your event could be as small as a one-time volunteer project for a few executives. Or you could want a company-wide giving and volunteering campaign that spans several months. No matter the size, we do it all for you from start to finish.


Whether you’re starting a corporate citizenship program from scratch or looking to take one to the next level, we ask the right questions, do the right research, and make the right plan for your company to achieve amazing results.

Volunteer services

We make it easy and fun for your people to volunteer at custom projects for groups or individuals. We do it all for you: From project selection and set-up to volunteer sign-up. From on-site support to post-project report.


Your team may need Corporate Citizenship 101 or advanced training. You can benefit from our depth of knowledge and years of experience. We make it fun. We make it interactive. We make it useful. We make it for your team.

Nonprofit matchmaking

We use our background and network in the nonprofit sector to find and vet the perfect nonprofit partners to match your business and corporate citizenship goals. Nonprofit partnerships that accomplish amazing things start here.

BT on call

Do you ever just need to ask a question or to seek some quick feedback on a corporate citizenship idea or opportunity? You can schedule a Google Hangout or phone consultation with BT via Clarity. Book your call now.

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So, your company is looking to give money and time this year. You want to make a big difference. Good. So plan to give less. That’s right. Less. Over the years, I’ve seen it more times than I can count: Business leaders who conflate making a splash and making a difference. Big numbers can be…

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It’s Monday morning. What do you anticipate (or dread) about the week ahead? On most Monday mornings these days, I seem to ponder more and more on how to make a difference in the world and manage all the business and household tasks that seem to multiply like rabbits. What about you? Does it feel…

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By Emily Ferstle Earlier this week, over 2 million citizens celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by volunteering in thousands of communities across the country, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service. The tradition of MLK Day is so amazing because, rather than treating it as just another…

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It’s a cold, cold January here in Detroitland. My inner weather, however, is balmy and bright as I focus on where we will take the Lake Norcentra Project in 2015. First, you need to know that the Lake Norcentra Project is one of my all-time favorite projects in a career full of good ones. It…

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“When it comes to creating and running excellent volunteer engagement programs, she is the complete package and a rising star.” This is how one of Michigan’s top corporate citizenship experts introduced me to Emily Ferstle a few years ago. At the time, she was still rather new in her role as director of youth volunteer…

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I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about good corporate citizenship. It’s rare these days to look at a company website without finding a page that shows off–sometimes in elaborate and flashy detail–the nonprofit organizations and volunteer projects the business supports. No doubt, a lot of companies are doing a lot of good…

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I have had the pleasure of knowing BT Irwin for several years and can say without hesitation that he is one of most inspiring and effective leaders in Southeast Michigan. His visionary take on community building is equaled only by the practical connections he makes between private and public entities—connections that create forward momentum for his organization. BT serves the public and private good in the most admirable way: by leading not because he wants to be a leader, but because his complete dedication motivates others to follow his lead . . . and achieve success.

Passionate. Committed. Principled. Creative. Driven. Energetic. Visionary … and the most prolific social networker I know. BT gets it … and gets it done. If you want a teammate or business partner who can make things happen, I highly recommend BT Irwin.

There are individuals who like social change. There are others who contribute to it. And then you have those who live it – day in, day out. BT is one of such people. More than just a community leader and advocate for sustainable social change, BT has been gifted with the ability to envision a better future for the communities he serves, and with the foresight on how to turn such vision into reality. Impeccable in his ability to relate and connect with others, superbly intelligent in his approach to life, BT inspires action in nearly anyone with whom I have been fortunate to have seen him interact. It is a privilege to have engaged with him on a multitude of occasions, and we are all better off because he is around. I look forward to continuing to join forces with him in the betterment of the world in which we live.

I so appreciate BT’s attention to detail and his visionary and long term approach to community outreach.


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