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BT’s Daily Reading List 07.02.2013

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been reading on Tuesday, July 2:

Social justice

How are we OK with this? Restaurant CEOs are paid 788 more times than their minimum wage workers (GRAPH, SLIDE SHOW) (Huffington Post Food)

Community development

Could churches be the missing pieces in the redemption of Detroit’s neighborhoods? (Detroit Free Press, Rochelle Riley)

Detroit bar plants seeds of community around its neighborhood (Huffington Post, Jon Zemke)

San Francisco develops an app that scores neighborhood live-ability (Co.Exist, Ariel Schwartz)

Philanthropy and social sector leadership

How one philanthropist’s life demonstrates that giving money isn’t enough (Huffington Post Impact, Laura Arrillaga)

In giving, are self-made millionaires or America’s poor more generous? The answer may surprise you. (Nonprofit Quarterly, Jennifer Amanda Jones)

Made a mistake? Try looking at it as a work of art (Idealist Blog, Charles Hamilton Dennis)

Business leadership

“Your brand is the exhaust.” Why “reinventing your brand” is not as important as “reinventing your work (Harvard Business Review, Nilofer Merchant) 

About BT Irwin

BT Irwin, LLC, designs and builds community engagement, philanthropic, and volunteer programs for corporate and institutional clients. Our mission is to educate, equip, and empower leaders to do good better. Drawing on over 20 years of building programs for businesses, churches, nonprofits, and schools, BT Irwin LLC creates opportunities for clients to prosper by prospering the communities in which they do business.


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