BT’s Daily Reader 07.08.2013

A sample of what I’ve been reading on Monday, July 8, 2013

Community growth/improvement

Pontiac (Michigan) launches low-cost art contest to make its downtown better (Oakland Press, Dustin Blitchok, @SincerelyDustin)

Young Detroiters hope to leave mark with X Games bid (Detroit News, Michael Martinez)

Detroit: Leading the way to a new American dream? (Detroit Unspun, Bud Liebler)

Co-working / social enterprise incubators

A business incubator with many community aims (Hartford Courant, Dan Haar)

Organizational leadership

The nonprofitization of business (Stanford Social Innovation Review, Ken Berger and Jeremy Kohomban)

Unlimited vacation doesn’t create slackers–it ensures productivity (Fast Company, Lydia Dishman)


How money actually buys happiness (Harvard Business Review, Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton)

Social justice

Access to websites for people with disabilities a new civil rights frontier (Detroit Free Press, Frank Witsil)

On the political economy of permanent stagnation (New York Times, Paul Krugman)

Michigan kids are in bad shape when it comes to economic well-being (Michigan Public Radio)

Getting young Europeans back to work (World Economic Forum, Andre Sapir)

Sustainable business

How a new grocery store concept reduces waste and increases profits (Entrepreneur, Jason Daley)

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