This started as a daydream when I was growing up in small-town Ashland, Ohio.

Even when I was in elementary school, citizenship was the most important thing to me. My dad was pastor at a local church so I grew up with an unusual awareness of the aspirations and struggles of those who lived in my community.

I joined Boy Scouts and organized the kids at my church to do volunteer work around town.

But the daydream was something else. I knew from listening to adults that the economy in Ashland was on the downturn. People had needs that became more urgent because good jobs were hard to find and the tax base was wavering.

As I delivered newspapers every day after school, I imagined starting a company that would grow and prosper to do one thing: Make life better in the community.

I grew up, moved away and went to college to learn business. Over my career, I directed marketing, public relations and sales for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Over the years, I found the expression for my mission and passion:

My mission is to educate, equip and empower diverse leaders and organizations to work together to bring to life the promise in their communities and the world. 

The greatest fulfillment and stimulation I enjoyed came from connecting organizations and people to each other and leading them to create powerful partnerships and programs for change. A great partnership empowers and enriches the community and each partner.

In July 2013, I declared my own independence and launched that company of my boyhood dreams. BT Irwin LLC is in business to accomplish my mission to bring companies, governments, nonprofits and schools together to create community change that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

I do that four ways:

  • Connecting “Citizens in Business” to each other and sharing free ideas and information to help them “do good better” in their communities and organizations.
  • “Catalyzing” community initiatives by matchmaking client-sponsored partnerships between companies, foundations, government agencies, nonprofits, and schools.
  • Coaching organizational leaders and teams on how to build external partnerships that build great community initiatives.
  • Consulting with organizations that need data, design, and direction to improve or start community initiatives.

In addition to the services I offer myself, I retain partners who specialize in event management, public relations, and volunteer programming and services.

Whether you’re a Citizen in Business in the corporate or nonprofit sector, we can design, build, launch, and manage a citizenship program that accomplishes great things for your community and your organization.

My passion is to make the greatest possible difference in communities. I realize that passion when I educate, equip, and empower my client-partners to make a greater difference themselves.

I’m ready, willing, and able to make a difference. All I need to do it is…you!

Let’s get together and do good better.

Onward and Upward


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