Fellow citizen in business,

You care about more than making money. You’re in business to be a good corporate citizen. You want to make a difference in the lives of your customers, employees and neighbors.

During a career in nonprofit management, I worked with over a hundred companies just like yours to guide their citizenship activities–especially giving and volunteering.  Along the way, I encountered hundreds more business leaders who wanted their companies to be more effective at citizenship.

Working with those companies inspired this business. My mission and pledge is to give you the expertise, services and tools your company needs to do good better.

When you invite my team to be your partner and service provider, you get affordable, custom:

  • Turnkey event planning services for giving or volunteer campaigns
  • Consulting for corporate citizenship initiatives
  • Nonprofit matchmaking for your company
  • Turnkey management and support for volunteers and volunteer projects

We measure and report the results of our custom corporate citizenship programs to make sure both your company and its causes get results.

You can check out my background and body of work plus recommendations on LinkedIn.

Are you ready to enjoy the difference your custom corporate citizenship program can make? Why not start with a 60-minute corporate citizenship check-up and report card for your company? Click here.

Want to ask questions about your current program or vet a corporate citizenship idea? I’m delighted to listen and share what I know with you. Click here to book a Google Hangout or phone call.

You and the people you serve are the reason I’m in business. We can make a greater difference together and do good better.

Thank you and I look forward to serving you.

Onward and Upward,

BT Irwin, Servant-in-Chief