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Since organizing my first community service program for a church in Grenada, Mississippi, in 1997, I’ve been passionate about bringing people together with their resources to change the world for the better. In all, I’ve been part of organizing almost 1,000 community service programs in my lifetime.

My career in fundraising, marketing, ministry, public relations, and sales led me through several social sector organizations. I was able to make big contributions at each, including:

+ Raising over $3.75 million and several thousand volunteers to build and rehab homes for more than 70 local families in need of decent housing.
+ Directing a branding, product development, and sales program that increased admissions and earned revenue at a regional museum.
+ Building a public relations program for a private college that increased news media coverage and on-site visitors by approximately 700 percent over three years.
+ Speaking to over 800 audiences about charitable giving, community development, and volunteering.
+ Establishing a student service fraternity and student spring break service mission program at a local college.

Now, I am leading two new start-up social enterprises.

The Potluck Project will source and train citizen leaders to make their own change happen in the struggling communities where they live.

BT Irwin, LLC, builds and delivers cause marketing, charitable giving, and volunteer programs for corporate and institutional clients. I don’t just do the research, I build and launch the program or project for you.

Please fill out the contact form below to start finding out how I can help your organization do better business by doing more good in the community.

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