About BT Irwin

You know you’re in business to do more than make money. You’re in business to be a good corporate citizen. You want to make a difference in the lives of your customers, employees and neighbors.

BT Irwin helps you do good better.

We’re a full-service consulting and project management firm for corporate citizens that devote money, people, and products to community and nonprofit partnerships.

You can make us part of your corporate citizenship initiative. For you, we:

Consult. Make a difference you can measure and see. Let us research and design your corporate citizenship program. We offer 60-Minute, 24-Hour and 7-Day consulting packages at our Flat Fee Guarantee rates as well as custom consulting programs to fit your budget and needs.

Match your company to the right cause. Imagine what your assets, brand, and people can do when they’re working in partnership with the right cause. We’ll do the research and vetting to set up a powerful partnership for good between your company and a great nonprofit.

Plan and manage volunteer events. Change the lives of your customers, employees and neighbors. Let us design and manage your next giving or volunteer campaign/event. Flat fee and custom packages are available to fit your company’s events, human resources or public relations budget.

Share your story. We’ll do the research, writing, designing, and producing/publishing to share your corporate citizenship story with customers, employees and investors.

Why BT Irwin? Learn more about owner and president BT Irwin here.